Minister Search Committee 2017

2017 Search Committee Update:

Kingdom, Community, and History Assessments are currently being put together and we can’t wait to share with you what we’ve learned about our community, other churches, and our own history once all the assessments are complete. All of these areas will help the search committee show our candidates who we are, where, we live, and what our community looks like.
Prayer Update – come and check out our new prayer room. It will be a place to gather our thoughts, write notes, and speak with God. Find out more this Sunday during Back to Church Sunday Potluck and Prayer focus in the Quad.

Prayer requests for our next Minister:
  1. Pray to prepare his heart for relationships with each of us, our church, and our community.
  2. Pray that God will increase his passion for preaching, teaching, and shepherding.
  3. Prayer for his family and friends during the upcoming calling he will have.
Prayer Requests for the Search Committee
  1. Pray for patience – we need to wait for God’s timing, not ours.
  2. Prayer for wisdom to choose the right person – we need God’s choice, not ours.
  3. Pray for guidance – we need to see the right path for CCC.

Additional Prayer requests from our community and kingdom assessment interviews (these requests have been given to us by specific individuals/churches for us to help pray for them.):
  • Pastor Ben Sobels from Cypress Church requests: 1. Prayers that their discipleship program will "take off". 2. Prayers for the pursuit of further church plants (with emphasis on South County). 3. Prayers for the person God is calling to fill their opening for a Worship Director.
  • Rev. Steve Lundin from First Methodist Church requests: Prayers that they can keep doing their Neighborhood Ministry with compassion and love for each of the persons that come through their doors every week.
  • Food Bank - distribute food to those in need, volunteers from CCC, and capital funds for new building project on Rossi Street.
  • Rancho Cielo asks we pray that the new staff provide a positive influence on the students.
  • Food Bank kindly ask we pray that they will be able to distribute food to those in need, that there may be volunteers from CCC, and that they receive capital funds for the new building project on Rossi Street​​​​​​​
  • The Encounter Church have requested prayers for the following: 1) That they are able to find a permanent building for their congregation; 2) Protection for their pastors and ministers; 3) That they remain God focused; and 4) Strengthening of ongoing relationships throughout the community.
  • Salinas Valley Community Church has requested prayers for the following: 1) Getting better at "loving with abandon"; 2) Greater involvement in small groups (new small group kick-off in one month); and 3) That more people come to know Christ.
  • Supervisor J. Phillips requests prayer for our cities young people who are in need. Also, pray that children will grow up, graduate and become a productive part of society.
  • Director E. Robinson from Social Services would like prayers for the wellbeing of the children in our community.
  • Assistant Police Chief Dan Ortega, pray for our law enforcement officers and their families, their safety, and their souls. Pray that the officers while putting on their body armor will also put on the armor of God.
  • Confidence Pregnancy Center would like us to please pray for the lawsuit against the government where they want to take away their freedom of speech by mandating what they can and cannot say within the schools and the community. Please pray for the Center’s new Community Outreach Director. Please pray for more monetary support.